About us
Meet our Glow team members and guest teachers. We are all looking forward to welcome you.

Muriel Hillenius

Founder, owner, trainer Business retreats,
yoga & mindfulness teacher
Muriel is founder and organizer of Glow retreats. She has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for the last three years and is a passionate practitioner of Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga and mindfulness. For her, these practices positively influence her overall health and mental well-being. In addition to these passions, for more than 10 years she has been active as a certified Business trainer and executive coach in leadership programs, personal growth and team development. She stands for inspiration, drive, connection, empathy and focus. Muriel leads people to self-reflect, and to reach greater authenticity and personal leadership with a sense of deep dedication, as well as a good balance of lightness and sharpness.

Bart van Amerongen

Owner, trainer and coach Business retreats, hiking instructor
Bart is a mountaineer in heart and soul. He has lead various summer and winter mountain treks through the Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Crete and Serra de Tramuntana. Bart has followed a variety of high-alpine courses and has extensive experience in planning and organizing mountain treks. He is managing director of Pole4 and responsible for all Outdoor leadership programs in Mallorca for both youngsters and companies. His wide range of interests, his talent for improvising and life experience have turned him into an effective advisor, facilitator and certified (team) coach. Bart guides the mountain walks and (team) coaching for Glow retreats.

Our guest teachers

Kim Brice

Guest teacher NIA and mindfulness…

Dance had always been part of Kim’s life and learning and teaching Nia has brought her greater respect for the body, its intelligence and its vast potential. Kim teaches Nia because she loves to move and knows that self-expression and connecting to the body are a central part of sustaining physical and emotional well-being. Her classes are infused with passion, spirit, and lots of laughs. She also has degree in Integral Leadership and Coaching from Venwoude and is a certified Mindfulness trainer.

Carola van Dijk

Massage therapist

Carola is a Lomi Lomi practitioner and works based on loving connection. She has a specialization in Dialog, Lomi Lomi & Ho’oponopono. The Hawaian tradition is her learning pathway. For that reason, she followed a number of trainings in Hawai and New Zealand. In addition, she uses her sixth sense in alignment tot do readings. From soul to soul.
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